About Pamela and Dr. Tim

I love my work. Every day I have the opportunity to participate in a unique journey with my clients. Together we delve into the deeper realms of our physical and spiritual being. A place where space and time become one and the physical body seems to slip in a prism of sounds, colors and sensations that intertwine with each breath.
- Pamela Lancaster

Pamela Lancaster

Pamela Lancaster is an internationally-recognized teacher, healer and authority on sound healing. With two decades of experience in the fields of holistic healing, her practice brings forth a new found sense of self-awareness in each client. Her spiritual counseling and integrative medicine empowers others to heal blocks impeding the highest expression of their soul.

A sought-after expert in the ancient foundation of sound healing created by the Master Tibetan and Nepalese Practitioners, she recently appeared on The Dr. Oz Show. Her workshops and private sessions interweave Tibetan bowl sound healing, Kundalini Yoga, traditional Thai massage, Chi Nei Tsang and Shiatsu to help you rediscover, understand and heal your inner divine self. In addition to her position as a Master Healer at Miraval Resorts, Contact us to inquire about workshops and private sessions with Pamela.

Pamela on Dr. Oz (Click to view video on Tibetan Health Rituals on Dr. Oz)

Dr. Tim Frank

Dr. Tim Frank is a naturopathic medical doctor (NMD) who draws on more than 35 years of experience in holistic and indigenous healing. His unique brand of healing combines integrative medicine and spiritual practices to rapidly resolve past trauma and physical, emotional and spiritual blockages. His practice is designed to address the whole individual–body, mind and spirit.

Godson to a Cherokee medicine man, Dr. Tim spent years apprenticing with Native American Shaman.  His powerful ceremonies and healing journeys have received international recognition. Awards include best spa treatment in 2010 and 2011 by SpaFinder Readers’ Choice Awards for Spirit Flight, a unique offering of acupuncture, massage, spinal alignment, holographic memory resolution and Shamanic drumming and chanting.

Dr. Tim has been offering Holographic Memory resolution and the shamanic clearing ceremonies Spirit Flight and Samadi Healing at Miraval Resort for more than a decade. He also maintains a private integrative medicine practice in Tucson.

Every person can touch their 'inner physician' to unlock and harmonizes their entire being, restoring balance to the body. The goal is to awaken the healing power from within.
- Dr. Tim