Himalayan Sound Bath™
Individual and Group Sessions

Himalayan Sound Bath™ was created by Master Sound Healer Pamela Lancaster. This groundbreaking floating sound therapy session is receiving international attention for its profound healing properties.

The Himalayan Water Bowls™ used in the treatment are hand-hammered “Tibetan singing bowls” that have been expertly redesigned to be used in the water. These bowls are the co- creation of Pamela and master Himalyan sound teacher Suren Shresthrea. Due to the unique design of these new healing instruments, the frequencies and tones of the traditional Tibetan bowls are amplified to create vibrational currents in the water.

“The Himalayan Sound Bath” is a healing ceremony/ treatment the aspires to re -tune your body into its natural state and create mental, physical and physical balance. As the “Himalayan water bowls” float and are ceremonially played, healing sound and vibration radiates profoundly through the water. The treatment increases mental clarity, relieves stress and decreases anxiety as you float effortlessly in warm water and surrender to the healing vibrations. You will feel more grounded and connected to the world around you.

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