Private Sessions with Pamela

Shuniya Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing

Pamela’s unique practice taps the power of Tibetan bowls and planetary gongs to infuse your whole being with healing energy. As featured on the Dr. Oz show, the Shuniya Sound Healing experience transforms your state of self-awareness emotionally, physically and spiritually. Pamela Lancaster’s Shuniya healing ceremony builds upon the ancient foundation of sound healing created by the Master Tibetan and Nepalese Practitioners who initiated her into the art of sound healing. Complemented with traditional Thai massage elements, Chi Nei Tsan, Shiatsu and Kundalini Yoga, the Shuniya integrated healing ceremony is highly therapeutic. Body energy balances, bringing your spirit into a deeply healing state.

  • Reduce stress through release of unnecessary, harmful thoughts and distractions.
  • Gain insight and clarity, strengthen mental proficiency
  • Recover from trauma or loss
  • Rest more deeply
  • Reduce pain & regain joy in daily living
  • Regain emotional balance

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Ontological Life Coaching

Embracing change is transformational. Ontological Life Transition Coaching® with Pamela eases the stress caused by life’s bumps in the road. Maybe your retirement golden years aren’t as lustrous as expected, the loss of a loved one is overwhelming your daily life or your career has stalled. Pamela’s expertise as an Ontological Coach reaches beyond that of a typical “Life Coach.” Anxiety from a “fight or flight” reaction diverts us from our inner guidance system, drains our energy and clouds our judgment. Pamela’s gentle yet focused ontological coaching practices, you’ll gain clarity, learn to step back and to see life transitions as opportunities rather than as obstacles.

  • Realize your full potential to live in balance and harmony with yourself and others.
  • Gain access to your compassionate inner voice
  • Improve your decision-making ability
  • Define what is holding you back and then move forward,
  • Transform your feelings and behaviors into positive, constructive patterns
  • Discover (or rediscover) a new life interest, move forward in the grieving process, or take the steps for a career change

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Flower Essences

Flower essences are homeopathic tinctures that align us to the healing power of nature. Flower essences address mental and emotional imbalances or misalignments with no side effects. These simple yet powerful essences work well in complement to naturopathic or other physical healing treatments, fostering personal vitality and inner balance.

Pamela consults with you to determine the appropriate flower essence remedies for your particular emotional and physical state. Your personalized flower essence can be created with Pamela in-person, or through web or phone consultations.

  • In-person consults include a guided ceremony of the compounding session, where Pamela leads you through a hands-on creation of your personal flower essence compound to take home with you.
  • Web consultations are conducted via Skype. After your 1:1 web consult, Pamela formulates your personal flower essences to send to you, along with instructions on how to compound it.

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